During a pre-purchase inspection a HISWA buying expert inspects the condition of the yacht.



  • Hull below the waterline: osmosis analysis / GRP moisture measurement, steel thickness measurement / aluminium, keel, rudder and propeller/schaft.
  • Hull above the waterline: hull / deck joint.
  • Deck, superstructure and cockpit: hatches, windows, deck fittings.
  • Rigging: spars, standing and running rigging, sails.
  • Hull inside: partition, floor plates, constructions.
  • Steering installation: tiller, wheel, rudder case.
  • Mechanical propulsion installation (among others sea trial).
  • Technical installation: pumps, hoses and LPG installation.
  • Electrical installation: lights, wiring, fuses, equipment.
  • LPG installation: pipes, hoses, home appliances.
  • Navigation equipment: log, depth sounder, wind set, plotter, radar.
  • Safety equipment: fire extinguishers, lifesaving equipment.

All important parts of a yacht are submitted to an inspection according to a checklist during a complete condition inspection and about 250 inspection parts are surveyed according to a five-point system. The inspection takes about half a day and will take place at a location of your choice. For the inspection of the hull below the waterline it is necessary to take the boat out of the water. During the sea trial the HISWA expert will survey the engine and navigation equipment.



It is also possible to have a partial survey done, for example of the hull below the waterline or the mechanical propulsion installation.



For reporting the HISWA Expert will use the standard HISWA Pre-purchase inspection report and the regulations belonging to that. The report is clearly divided in main subjects with the survey results of the separate inspection parts according to the aforementioned five-point system. The report ends with a final conclusion in which the essential defects are mentioned as well as an advice for repair on a short or longer term. The HISWA buying expert will discuss the conclusion with you directly after the survey. The original report and a digital version will be sent to you several days later.